This is the Day!

We are at the beginning of week 2 of “social distancing.” Can I be honest? It’s starting to get to me already.

I miss my friends. I miss my routine. I miss the simple freedom of being able to come and go whenever I please.

However, the sun finally broke through this morning and I was able to take a walk around the block! The warm sun and fresh air lifted my spirits immediately!

My boys are home with me all day now that school is online for the rest of the year. That means more chaos and noise. It also means more laughter. More chances to hug them. More chances to tell them how much I love them. (They love that part! 😉 ) This won’t last forever, so I’m embracing the extra time I get to spend with them.

The slower pace of social distancing has also helped me get back to clean eating, because I actually have time to cook! And, exercising! Once the soreness wears off, I’m sure that I’m going to feel better overall, right??

What positive things are coming from social distancing for you?

It can be hard to find the silver lining, but I am determined to find something positive to celebrate every single day of this experience. After all, this IS the day that the Lord has made. So, let’s CHOOSE to rejoice and be glad in it–even in the uncertainty and the chaos.

I’d love to hear something positive from you, too! Life is too short not to be celebrated! Share something positive from your day in the comments below!



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